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The Women's International Network of Utility Professionals is an organization providing a link for developing and recognizing professionals involved with utility business trends, issues, products, and services.

See the Mission & Values Page for more information.


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See the Mission & Values Page for more information.

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Upcoming Events
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Letter from the President

Howdy Members!

The new year is off and running! Lots of work has been done already to refine our guidelines to continue managing to our current membership needs. Our International Committees have also kicked off and have started working on their annual goals and continued offerings to benefit our WiNUP members such as leadership opportunities, professional development, communications, mentoring, historical legacy and conference planning. I am very excited to be working with our Executive Committee and International Board on strategic planning this year which will help us focus on our outreach, growth and retention efforts for this year and the years to come.  I ask our membership to please work with your International Board Reps this spring on providing input to help our strategic planning session at the summer board meeting and be thinking of areas to focus on to continue strengthening the WiNUP organization!

Additionally, I would like to thank our Chapters and International Committees for taking off with such enthusiasm and energy!  I continue to reference the H.O.M.E. acronym I shared at the 2023 conference and want to focus on the “H” (which stands for “Helping:) this quarter.  The overwhelming proactivity and initiative across our membership has been incredible.  Thanks to all our members for your continued efforts to “HELP” the WiNUP organization be successful!  #takeithome

Laura Hatcher Havis,
2024 WiNUP President & CEO

“Great things are done by a series of small things”. – Vincent Van Gough


WiNUP Headquarters

2795 East Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630

Women's International Network of Utility Professionals is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (6) organization under the IRA Code.  Section 501 (c) (6) of the IRS code provides for the exemption of business leagues - which is an association of individuals with a common business interest.  Contributions to WiNUP are not tax deductible as a charitable donation.  Contributions may qualify as a business expense.  Donors should consult a tax professional.