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WiNUP Member Charms

A ‘Charming’ Way to Recognize Your Years of Service

WiNUP is grateful to our members for their continual involvement in our organization. Our members’ commitment to WiNUP is integral to our ongoing efforts to support and empower women in the utility industry. To commemorate membership milestones, WiNUP awards a charm to represent the milestones. 

What each charm symbolizes:

5 year — The lone acorn symbolizes the beginning of your WiNUP journey.

10 year — Just like the WiNUP history book notes, from acorns grow oaks. The oak leaf is a symbol of your growth as a WiNUP member

15 year — You are now a mentor and a source of strength to others in the organization. The mature oak tree symbolizes this stage of your WiNUP membership. 

20 yearLocal chapters provide numerous opportunities for networking, and personal and professional development. They’re integral to your WiNUP experience.

25 year — The double acorn charm is a reminder that WiNUP’s success is dependent on members working together to benefit all.

30 year — What greater symbol for a 30-year member’s longtime commitment to the organization than a pair of oak leaves?

35 yearAcorns and oaks: For 35-year members these symbols document how their WiNUP journey began and what it has led to.

40 year — The globe icon is part of WiNUP’s logo and is similar to the past president’s charm. It symbolizes leadership in the organization.

45 year — These sapphire blue orbs symbolize strength, honesty and devotion. They’re a perfect way to honor long-time members’ loyalty to WiNUP.

50 year — This small “50” charm comes with extreme gratitude for all you’ve done through the years for WiNUP.

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Women's International Network of Utility Professionals is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (6) organization under the IRA Code.  Section 501 (c) (6) of the IRS code provides for the exemption of business leagues - which is an association of individuals with a common business interest.  Contributions to WiNUP are not tax deductible as a charitable donation.  Contributions may qualify as a business expense.  Donors should consult a tax professional.